Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Security and Surveillance, Communications and Information Technology and Auxiliary

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•  Offers
Surveillance Systems (CCTV)
Access Control Systems
Biometric Systems
Security Inspection Equipment
Wireless Communications Systems
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
Audio and Video Solutions
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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Town House For Sale - Rent To Own - Cheap Rent To Own

Deca Homes

1 - unit, 2 - Storey Townhouse
55 sq. m. Floor Area
48 sq. m. Floor Area
1 living Area
1 Dining Area
1 Kitchen Area
2 Bedrooms
1 Toilet & Bathroom
1 Laundry Area w/ Provision For Car Port

Located: Pavia Iloilo City, Philippines

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Picanto Car Sale

Please Contact: EDWIN J. JORDAN
email: edwin.jordan@rocketmail.com

Sales Consultant

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Charice "Pyramid" Music Video

Charice Album will be released on her debut this coming May .. can't wait for her album.. Hope will be successful.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Career advice for recent graduates

Recent college graduates new to the workforce frequently make mistakes that can harm their careers. While it is good to learn from your mistakes, it is even better if you can learn from the mistakes of others. Here are some tips that will help make the transition from school to work a little smoother:

Technology is no substitute for spending time with people. Technology plays a critical role in today's workplace, and recent graduates are generally comfortable using that technology. However, technology can never replace face-to-face interactions with others in the organization. Learn to be equally at ease speaking and contributing at meetings. Management makes judgments about your leadership potential based on how you present yourself when you are in their presence. Recent graduates tend to be very comfortable communicating via e-mail and instant messages but can be reticent in person. Career advancement requires personal contact and building relationships. Hiding behind your keyboard is a career-limiting strategy.

Take responsibility for your own career. Too often, young people find the first job they accepted isn't exactly the job they thought it would be, so they leave and look for another job.This cycle can repeat itself until it ultimately begins to negatively affect an individual's career. Rather than change jobs, a better response might be to seek out additional responsibilities in areas where you have an interest and can add value. In that way, you create the job you want.

Never stop learning. What you are doing today can quickly become obsolete. Employers are always looking for individuals who are adaptable, and they frequently hire and promote people not because they can do every aspect of a new job, but rather because they are convinced the individual can learn whatever he or she needs to learn in order to do the job. So, take advantage of any training opportunities your organization offers. Continuously seek out learning opportunities.

Develop interests and friends outside of work. In addition to building and nurturing a network within your organization, seek out and maintain a diverse set of friends outside of work. Too often, people trap themselves within their organization and their industry. This can cause you to miss out on career opportunities. You never know where the next great opportunity will present itself or what information will prove critical to your future success.

Many people seek out friendships strictly based on their perceived career utility. Because people recognize what you are doing, that is often counterproductive. Keep in touch with individuals because you are genuinely interested in them, not only when you need something. Help them even when there is nothing immediately in it for you. That way, they will be more likely to think of helping you anytime an appropriate opportunity arises without your even having to ask.

Volunteer for assignments where you will develop new skills. Take courses at local universities and online. Constantly seek to develop yourself. Keeping up with trends in your field and continuous learning not only will keep you marketable, but also will advance your career.

All advice is not equal. Be careful where you seek advice from. Everyone feels free to offer you career advice -- your aunts, your uncles, your parents' friends and even your friends who graduated just a few years ahead of you. Make sure the advice you take is not only from someone who is knowledgeable, but is applicable to your specific situation.

by Lee Miller

Saturday, March 21, 2009

9 Reasons People Cheat

Why do I find it so easy not to cheat?

Maybe I'm not very attractive, so my options are limited. Maybe I'm too jaded to go for the cheating opportunities. Maybe I still have some mental wounds lingering from when my dad temporarily moved out because he had met another woman. Maybe I'm too afraid that I've reached my sin quotient and one more big sin will keep me out of heaven.

Cheating is not a caught in the moment thing if you are really into your significant other, you miss them when you are not with them, you don't look for a way to hurt or deceive them.

I am just now patching up a friendship with someone I was seeing while they had a boyfriend (that may make me a cheater). At different points she told me that she had broken up with her boyfriend, that they were back together, and that he was boring and I was fun. It was total confusion.

I told her she wasn't being fair to herself, me, or him.

Finally, she said, "you just don't understand, there are things you don't know." Thing is she's been cheating on him for a couple of years with different guys, and he keeps taking her back.

So, are cheaters born cheaters, or do certain situations cause people to cheat? Probably a little bit of both. Here are some situations that make people cheat:

1. Bored
I'd say this is the most common reason that people cheat.It's tough to keep that edge throughout a relationship. Things start off grand and then level off and then you both realize that it's still real life. When you meet someone else, that inaugural excitement of a new relationship kicks back in.

2. Dependence
At first glance, cheating seems like independent behavior. It could be interpreted as doing what you want, when you want. But I would argue that cheating is a dependent behavior. A cheater is dependent because they are not strong enough to break up with their significant other in order to get with the new person.

3. Confusion
Sometimes life or a particular situation can get to you. When the perfect storm of confusion is going on in your head, you make mistakes.

4. Because They Let You
If any girl ever cheated on me, I'd break up with her immediately. Forgiving a cheater is putting up with it, and starts a vicious cycle. That person who cheated may lose respect for you and might continue to cheat-because they know they can get away with it, because you'll continue to take them back.

5. Nurturing
If someone is mistreating you, then your first instinct is to get away from him or her. But sometimes it's not that simple-maybe you are raising kids together. If you feel trapped in a bad relationship, it's only natural that you will run to the open arms of a person who treats you well.

6. Revenge
This is quite simple- an eye for an eye. Cheat on them if they cheat on you. If they continuously hurt you or abuse you in some way, you do it to get them back.

7. Confirmation of Attractiveness
Sometimes when you're in a long relationship, or if your significant other is taking you for granted, you begin to wonder if you're still attractive. Perhaps, because you were out on the dating circuit, you felt more attractive when you were single. If you have an affair, you've proven that a new person can be attracted to you.

8. The Thrill
Some people just enjoy the thrill of cheating: running around secretly, risking getting caught, andcreating thrilling moments with a forbidden romance.

9. They Don't Consider It Cheating, Even Though You Might
Relationships have that grey area, usually right before you become exclusive. He thinks date #4 is when you're "together," and you think date #2 is when you're "together." If you haven't talked about exclusivity, someone may think they are well within their rights to see other people, even though the other person in the relationship may not.

I don't understand why people don't break up as soon as they have an urge to cheat. Is it natural to have temptation, or is temptation a sign that the relationship is losing its fire? What reasons would you add to this list, and do you disagree with any? If you've ever cheated, why did you do it? Could you forgive a cheater? If you are single, but seeing a person who is in a committed relationship, does that make you a cheater?

by Rich Santos, Marie Claire,

Saturday, November 1, 2008

As of November 1, 2008 - US Election Polls Coverage

McCain, Obama visit red states in final stretch of campaign

Candidates Poll Averages Projected Electoral Votes (270 needed)

* McCain (R) * 43.5%0.1% * 178

* Obama (D) * 49.9% * 333

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Angel Locsin Dance Move

I am surprise that Angel Locsin can dance.. I thought she dont have a talent but I was wrong.. But she need more practice to have perfect dance move...